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Fat Loss 4 Idiots has become widely known as the diet and weight loss plan which reports rapid weight (fat) loss of up to 9 lbs during the first cycle, with additional losses for continued use. The plan is designed for further weight loss over an extended period. It features an 11 day meal plan (cycle) that you have a hand in building when you indicate your food preferences. Cycles include 3 days of eating anything you wish (within limits).

Customer Feedback:

Extracts from customer reports on independent forum at http://fatloss4idiotsforum.com

Username f1-Eventer, female, age 29, height 5'4" lost 9.4 lbs after 1 cycle.

Username mort, age 45, height 5'7", starting weight 196.8 lbs, lost 7.4 lbs after 1 cycle.

username MJD33, male, age 35, starting weight 204.2 lbs, lost 12.0 after 1 cycle.

username momof8, female, age 53, height 5'9", starting weight 221.8 lbs, lost 17 lbs after3 cycles.

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Cheryl: "I bought FatLoss4Idiots and lost 6 pounds during the first 11 days. The diet is easy to follow and the foods are available at your local grocery store, nothing unusual to buy or prepare.

Brian: "I lost 8 pounds in 11 days but Iím not quite sure if thatís just water weight. Iím gonna give the program another 11 days and decide if itís for me."

Fat Loss 4 Idiots

Product Details:


FatLoss4Idiots.com created a dieting plan which is focused on giving dieters a NON starvation type of weight loss program. It provides dietary information and an original approach to recipes that are tailored to individual tastes, yet remain within the guidelines of the program.

The Wholesaler/Owner is: Internet Made Simple, 23785 El Toro Rd. #601, Lake Forest, CA 92630


The program is offered as a sustainable fat loss diet plan which does not require calorie counting and takes into account nutritional requirements for good health and continuing weight reduction over time.

The suppliers have paid special attention to making the program easy to follow. A central feature is an online diet generator which considers your own food preferences, automatically designs menus in seconds, and provides a suitable menu for you each day. You are not required to do any calculations as this is done for you.

Because the diet generator produces the menus, as long as you follow the guidelines and the menus, the merchant regards this as an 'Idiot Proof Diet' which does not require calorie counting or label reading.

The Diet System uses a technique they call Calorie Shifting (also known as 'Calorie Cycling') to produce the menus, and this aims at a faster fat loss.

When you buy the system you receive the online menu generator and a downloadable diet handbook which contains dietary guidance with a special collection of fat burning tips and tricks.


$78. However, a 50% discount is currently available, which brings the price down to $39.


From their website: "If you're not satisfied with our Dieting System for ANY reason during the first 60 days, then you're entitled to a full refund -- NO QUESTIONS ASKED."

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