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Candida Treatment & Remedies

It is apparent that a growing number of Americans as well as people around the world are feeling less and less "healthy." Simply stated most people just do not "feel good." They are not sick in the traditional sense and have not been diagnosed with anything, but they do not feel healthy and lively.

Does this sound like you? Do you ever feel like you are in a fog? Or maybe you feel even worse, like your body is starting to shut down. Could you have Candida?


Candida is the overgrowth of "bad" yeast in your body. While we all have good and bad yeast, diet and other nutritional of health issues can cause an imbalance that allows the bad yeast to take over, therefor invading your body and causing symptoms that can range from brain fog, sugar cravings, unexplained weight gain, skin or oral yeast infections, vaginal infections, mood swings, behavioral issues, and even in severe cases organ shutdown.


Yeast overgrowth can be caused by many things, but the most common are diets of high refined sugar or preservatives and processed foods, and the usage of antibiotics.

Antibiotics kill off good and bad bacteria and often set the stage for "bad" yeast growth to overtake good yeast, therefore upsetting the delicate balance within your body and your health suffers.


At least 70% of Americans have yeast overgrowth to the point that it has some effect on their health. Often it starts out small with just slight health effects and then it can build to be much more serious if nt eradicated.

The trick is to realize you have it. Most people are never diagnosed until it is very bad, as they either overlook the early warning signs or their doctor's overlook them as well. BY the time they demand more tests and help it is often out of control and very difficult to deal with. Some people have to go on such strict diets it is nearly impossible to realistically follow them for life. This is why it is important to monitor yourself and then act if you detect yeast over growth.

It might just be the need to adjust your diet temporarily so your system can get back in balance. You may also look at taking probiotics to help. These are capsules that contain millions or billions of good bacteria to help your immune system fight back. If you stay on top of things, hopefully you will never need to take drastic action.

Anyone, not feeling 100% healthy but not sure why should take the saliva test and either confirm or eliminate Candida as a cause, you will then be one step closer to regaining an energetic and healthy life!

When following these treatments to control Candida, be sure to adhere strictly to the guidelines prescribed by your doctor for each one.

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