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No area of oncology is more complex and controversial than the relationship of cancer, diet and other forms of natural treatment. Everyone would like to believe that there is some diet which can substantially affect the likelihood of cancer or, better still, to cure it once contracted.

There are many studies which suggest that occurrence, recurrence and survivability may be affected by the foods we choose.

For instance, studies examined by researchers at Cornell University were able to correlate lower death rates - an increased five or ten year survivability, with certain dietary choices.

As well, the evidence is strong that foods high in antioxidants do help reduce the chances of contracting breast cancer.

Free radicals in the blood stream are ionized atoms that are known to be able to harm cells. Antioxidants 'gobble them up' - reduce the amount by combining with the free radicals, rendering them harmless.

A work which explores in greater depth many natural treatments for the various forms of cancer is "The Doctor Who Cures Cancer".

An exceptional reference book, "The Doctor Who Cures Cancer" describes gentle, drug-free and non-toxic treatments for cancer that would otherwise be very difficult to find in such an accessible form.

It describes also many stories of people who've been suffering from such ailments as breast, lung, skin, prostate and liver cancer and had successful outcomes, along with the treatments they have received.

Most of the alternative treatments tend to be non-specific in that they help with cancers appearing anywhere within the body.

It also offers information and statistics about the relative success - or lack - of a number of orthodox treatments (such as chemotherapy) for advanced breast, prostate, colon and lung cancer.

It indicates what alternative treatments are available for common cancers.

It's true that few of the treatments have been formally evaluated. A particular reason being the lack of financial incentive to validate a procedure which cannot be patented. However, thousands have reported informally the success they've experienced.

However, the creators of alternative treatments include many respected and eminent professionals, including Nobel Prize winners, biochemist, doctors, and scientists.

This information is provided for educational purposes only. When following these treatments for Cancer, be sure to adhere strictly to the guidelines prescribed by your doctor.

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